About Us

About Us

Ecuador Cares began in 2014 when a group of North Americans and Ecuadorians learned of an orphanage being threatened with closure. The orphanage lacked working plumbing, clean water, adequate food, and enough money to care for the 35 disabled children and adults who lived there.

Thanks to a generous response from our first fundraiser, Ecuador Cares was able to bring in teams of skilled workers to repair the orphanage and finish a new dormitory for the residents. We also supplied enough healthy food to sustain them. We also petitioned and received a $130,000 grant from Ecuador’s Ministry of Social & Economic Inclusion (MIES) to ensure that the orphanage would stay open and be in a better position for future government funding.

Since then, we have raised more money and worked with other organizations that serve children in Ecuador and have become a registered Ecuadorian nonprofit. We are also in the process of obtaining 501c3 status from the United States.

Ecuador Cares recently reorganized our Board of Directors and has expanded our original mission and vision to include breaking the cycle of poverty and prejudice for all disadvantaged children in Ecuador, not just orphaned girls. We are committed to changing and improving the lives of children through training and education, one day at a time.

We hope you will join us!