Sponsor a Student and Make a Huge Difference in the Life of a Child!

Make Christmas-time Bright for Centro Educativo NOVA!
November 22, 2016

Sponsor a Student and Make a Huge Difference in the Life of a Child!

Ecuador Cares, in conjunction with Centro Educativo Nova (NOVA), is proud to announce the Sponsor-A-Student program! We are looking for generous and good-hearted donors who would like to help boys and girls from low-income families get a proper education.

NOVA identifies students that need extra financial support and shares their information with Ecuador Cares. Sponsorships are paid monthly, and the total cost of that monthly sponsorship varies according to the needs of each student – e.g., some students have disabilities and others may require nutrition support.

All resources received for the Sponsor-A-Student program are used only for that purpose. The annual cycle of sponsorships will begin in September 2017; however, there are some students who still need assistance for the remainder of the 2016-2017 school term.

It’s possible to support students through half or full sponsorships – you can join together with other donors to sponsor a student – and you can make your payments conveniently and securely on the Ecuador Cares’ website.

Bard Gale, executive director of Ecuador Cares, and his wife, Brenda, have sponsored Martin Illescas, a special needs student at NOVA for the past 2 years. They first met and started sponsoring Martin through Hearts of Gold Foundation at CETAP, a local nonprofit run under the loving care of Rocio.

“Martin was given an opportunity to move to NOVA, where he could receive focused care for his autism,” Bard said. “It has been a blessing to get to know Martin and we are committed to supporting him in his education as far as his abilities can take him.”

To see what students currently need sponsorship and learn a little more about them, please visit the Sponsor-A-Student page. If you decide to sponsor a student, simply click on their information and you will able to complete your donation online.

For more information about the Sponsor-A-Student program, please email info@ecuadorcares.org

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