Sponsor A Student

The Sponsor-A-Student project through NOVA seeks generous and good-hearted donors who would like to help boys and girls from low-income families get a proper education. Some of the children identified for this program have special needs.

One of the children currently sponsored is Martin Illescas. This is what Martin’s sponsor, Brenda Gale, says about meeting him

while working as a volunteer for CETAP, a non-profit organization in Chilcapampa that provides before- and after-school support for children with learning and mental disabilities.

“After meeting Martin, who is autistic, I realized he required more structure and therapy for his continued development than was possible at CETAP. When the opportunity arose for him to enroll in NOVA, my husband Bard and I decided to sponsor his tuition and expenses.

In just one year, Martin was participating in his class, losing weight, following instructions and showing marked improvement. His parents receive counseling from the school to assist them in providing structure and support for Martin at home.”

Students who need sponsorships appear on this page. For more details on the sponsorship program, please click here.

Martin Illescas

Adriana Aguado

Adriana is in 7th grade and has been a student at NOVA for 5 years. She loves music, dancing, and her bicycle. When she grows up, she wants to be a singer.

She lives with her mother and younger sister, and her father lives in Spain.

Ronny Arellano

Ronny is a child with special needs but many capabilities. He has two brothers and all of them study at NOVA. He loves eating, playing on the swing, being outdoors and running.

Ronny's family is large and sometimes life is hard, but he wants you to know his parents do everything for them that they can.

Jhon Astudillo

Jhon is in 7th grade and has special needs. Every day he enjoys learning new things from his teachers, and next year he will be going to high school. He likes to draw, ride his bicycle, and play soccer. His favorite team is Deportivo Cuenca.

Jhon has two older brothers and lives with his mom Maribel and dad Raul.

Camila, Lizbeth, and Chistofher Gutama

The Gutamas have been studying at NOVA for 3 years; all of them are very good students and their family always participates in school activities.

Camila is in the 5th grade and is extremely sweet. She loves to read and write poetry.

Chistofher is in the 3rd grade. He loves soccer and likes to draw.

Lizbeth is in the 1st grade and is very shy. She is quiet and loves to play with dolls.

Martin Illescas

Martin has been at NOVA for 3 years. He loves soccer, playing with cars, and eating – he likes food very much! Martin also enjoys dancing and music.

Matías Leon

Matías has been at NOVA for 3 years and is in the 3rd grade. He loves soccer, cars, and running fast. His favorite soccer team is Deportivo Cuenca.

His older brother studied at NOVA, too, and is now in high school. His mom Jenny is a nurse.

Eric Méndez

Eric is in sixth grade and has been a student at NOVA since first grade. He is shy and quiet and loves soccer, painting, and helping his mom.

His mom cleans houses and his dad is a carpenter, but sometimes he doesn’t have work.

Samantha & Sofía Moreno

The Moreno girls are both in the 4th grade. Their mother is a single mother who works hard as a dressmaker to provide for them.

Samantha is playful and mischievous. She loves to draw and play with dolls.

Sofía is the older sister. She is cheerful, independent and likes homework.